Social Security Organisations and Pension Funds are under constant pressure to reduce administration costs while improving voluntary compliance and enhancing the customer experience.  Therefore, provision of cost-efficient, easy-to-use, comprehensive and versatile self-service and automated channels, for employers, insured members and other legal or natural parties with whom the Social Security Organisation interacts, is essential. These parties should be able to transact with the agency via their channel of choice (e.g. Web self-service applications, Mobile applications, API’s etc.)

Netcompany-Intrasoft understands the challenges of implementing world-class electronic service channels.  The secure and easy-to-use self-service component of the INTRASOFT PERSEUS® solution makes customer interactions with the Social Security Organisations an accessible, efficient and pleasant experience that encourages direct interaction and voluntary engagement. INTRASOFT PERSEUS® Self-Service provides comprehensive services for initiation of workflows for all modules (Registration, Contributions and Debts, Pensions and Benefits, Complaints, etc.) over the web, hence reducing the burden of compliance, improving customer service and enhancing accountability and transparency.

 Indicative self-services provided:

  • Registration of employers
  • Registration of insured members and dependents
  • Submission (filling) of contributions
  • Declaration of employment
  • Employment adjustments and salary changes
  • Retroactive amendments of contributions
  • Payment of contributions
  • Employer dashboard and statements
  • Optional/Voluntary insurance requests
  • Debts monitoring, debts settlement and pay-plans
  • Instalments Arrangement Decision
  • Compliance (Clearance) certificate
  • Virtual and added years purchasing requests
  • Submission of pension and benefit requests
  • Monitoring of requests progress
  • Member statements
  • Pension statements
  • Pension eligibility and calculations - ‘’what if’’ tool

Take advantage of technology to enhance operations and increase collections and compliance, while reducing costs and freeing resources for more productive activities.

Drive your customers to use low-cost channels while delivering a superior experience and therefore improving customer engagement and direct interaction, minimising physical presence.

Provides you seamless integration of any changes in Legislation, configuring end-to-end new Pensions or Benefits products, while fully automates Pensions and Benefits payments through the robust payments’ engine.