Governments and Public Sector Organisations have set challenging cost reduction targets for their Revenue Administrations.  As a result, they need to modernise, streamline, and monitor their operations while improving service delivery. Netcompany-Intrasoft understands how to implement world-class revenue administration systems - without compromising any unique business or statutory requirements.

Our INTRASOFT PERSEUS® Solution provides a comprehensive set of revenue management functionality in a powerful, configurable, and secure product. It is designed to manage a multitude of contributions and other revenue types administered and collected in an integrated system, while simultaneously accommodating the unique characteristics and behaviour of each and any revenue type (statutory contributions, penalties and debts, optional and voluntary insurance, purchasing of virtual or additional years, loans, etc.).

PERSEUS® supports both employer and member contributions Models and includes: The monthly Filing of contributions as well as the Employment and Career management with its monthly billing and invoicing process. Modifications of contributions or adjustments in Employment are automatically recalculated, adjusting accordingly the Employers and Members Accounts.

A comprehensive payments module completes the collection processes and includes: Flexible payment process and generation of Payment Reference Number, support of different kinds of payment methods (on employer, on invoice, on customer), via any payments means (banks, cash, cheque, eft, cards, direct debits, standing orders). Automatic and configurable Credit Allocation strategies of closing balances and updating of Customers’ accounts.

Configurable instalment plan functionality supports the settlement and recovery of Debts and Loans. Any type of arrangement and repayment agreement can be configured, utilising a large variety of instalment pay-plans that operate in the finance market (defining terms and formulas for principal amount and for interest, repay strategies, amortisation methods, interest methods, moratoriums, thresholds, tolerances, etc.)

Take advantage of technology to enhance operations and increase collections and compliance, while reducing costs and freeing resources for more productive activities.

Drive your customers to use low-cost channels while delivering a superior experience and therefore improving customer engagement and direct interaction, minimising physical presence.

Provides you seamless integration of any changes in Legislation, configuring end-to-end new Pensions or Benefits products, while fully automates Pensions and Benefits payments through the robust payments’ engine.