All identified Actors of the Social Security Ecosystem collaborate digitally through a single multilingual and multicurrency platform via the system’s electronic gateways: Web 2.0 rich client end UI, Mobile Applications (android, iOS, windows), and interoperability (web services) with other systems.

JEE 7 specifications form the basis of the technological stack and development platform (the latest edition of JEE as supported by Oracle WebLogic, JBoss WildFly & EAP, IBM WebSphere).

INTRASOFT PERSEUS®, is built upon Cutting-Edge Technologies such as:

  • Web 2.0 technologies – JEE7 (JSF 2.2, Ajax Libraries, EJB)
  • Layered JEE application and Domain Driven Design: Interface Layer, Application Layer, Domain Layer (business objects), Infrastructure Layer (communication between layers, persistence for business objects, orting libraries, etc.)
  • Uniform UX based on HTML5 technology
  • Rest – SOAP Services (interoperability services – connecting external actors online)
  • Responsiveness design (application is fully responsive to any device)
  • Mobile applications (Hybrid Framework Apache Cordova, HTML5, css3, JavaScript)
  • Business Rules Management (BRMS) for managing the evolution (embedded DROOLS Rules Engine)
  • Embedded Business Process Management Engine (BPMN 2.0 standard) – orchestrating all system processes
  • Advanced user dashboards (statistics, tasks, alerts, notifications, personalised profile, localisation settings, etc.)
  • OTP configuration in users’ transactions
  • Data Analysis (Business Intelligence - Big Data Technology)
  • Compliance Assessment Engine – Risk Analysis for detecting probability of fraud
  • Portability of product to the various well-known application servers (Oracle’s WebLogic, JBoss WildFly, IBM’s WebSphere)
  • Agnostic to RDBMS (can support all the well-known RDBMSs such Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL)

The company continuously monitors new technological trends and contributes to the development and actual implementation of new technologies. In 2019, we will be investing in even more innovation and R&D both internally and through participation in venture capital funds and start-ups that will improve, or further develop the Group’s portfolio in priority areas.  This investment includes expansion in new technologies and new features e.g. Cloud, Big Data, Blockchain, Biometrics, Social Media Integration, etc.