INTRASOFT PERSEUS® is a highly configurable and functionally complete Social Security Product, specifically designed to fully automate the business processes within a Social Security organisation, offering:

  • Multi-fund, Multi-Lingual, Multi-Currency Administration
  • Coverage of unlimited and Complex Pensions and Contributions Schemes
  • Process Standardisation, Real time Active Monitoring and Performance Management (embedded Business Process Management engine)
  • A powerful Business Rules and Products Generation Component (provides quick generation of new revenues and benefits products and services)
  • Multi-channel interaction (e.g. mobile devices, portal, SMS, email, etc.) and enhanced services to insured members, employers, beneficiaries, third parties

Take advantage of technology to enhance operations and increase collections and compliance, while reducing costs and freeing resources for more productive activities.

Drive your customers to use low-cost channels while delivering a superior experience and therefore improving customer engagement and direct interaction, minimising physical presence.

Provides you seamless integration of any changes in Legislation, configuring end-to-end new Pensions or Benefits products, while fully automates Pensions and Benefits payments through the robust payments’ engine.

PERSEUS Social Security and Pensions Solution

Configure PERSEUS® to meet your specific business needs. With PERSEUS® , you can deploy a robust solution covering your current and future needs, adapting to the changing requirements of your organisation