INTRASOFT PERSEUS® addresses the sophisticated end-to-end functional requirements of all areas of a Social Security Organisation or a Pension Fund, including:

  • Registries
    This component covers the business processes relating to the registration of Employers, Insured Members (employees) and any other Business Role that interacts with the system (any Business Role can be configured along with its characteristics and behaviour).

  • Revenues Management (Contributions and Debts)
    This component supports the full parametrisation and management of revenue collection processes (contributions and debts), filing of contributions, billing and invoicing process, revenue payments and credit allocation process, update employer and member accounts, buy out insurance and service years purchasing processes, voluntary insurance, suspense clearance, etc.
  • Employment Management
    This component manages the Employment declarations and Employment changes. It supports Employment Initiations (declaration of new employments from Private or Public Employers) as well as any change during employment. (Employment Termination, Earnings Adjustments, etc.)

  • Compliance (Inspections and Legal Cases)
    This component supports the Employer inspection processes performed by the Compliance and Enforcement section of the organisation. Moreover, it supports legal affairs and legal cases management, and the monitoring of enforcement acts (prosecutions, seizures, auctions).

  • Pensions Management
    This Module automates all processes relating to Pension and Benefit requests, folder review, processing of consolidated insurance and contributions history, award and issuance of electronic decisions (eligibility and calculation wizard), survivors’ pension automation, multiple approvals levels, pension and benefit payments, alterations of pension decisions, pension modification and conversions, etc.

  • Benefits and Work Injury
    Supports a wide range of provided Benefits, such as: Maternity Benefits, Children Benefits, Sickness Benefits, Accident Allowances, Funeral Grants, Unemployment Benefits, etc., as well as the capability of configuring any new benefit end to end. It also supports work accident process flows (declaration, capture detail accident information, inspection, medical evaluation, accident review and approval, etc.).
  • Customer Service
    Provides 360 degrees view of all customers (Customer Dashboard) and includes views of customer details, claims, request history, etc. The system covers the capturing and monitoring of complaints, supported by the BPM engine.

  • e-Services
    This component provides comprehensive electronic services for all modules (Registration, Contributions and Debts, Pensions and Benefits, Complaints, etc.) and initiation of workflows over the web, reducing the burden of compliance , improving customer service and enhancing accountability and transparency via direct communication with insured persons and employers.

  • MIS-Data Analytics
    The product includes an embedded Management Information System (MIS) module, which performs automatic consolidation and aggregation of the operational information to derive Key Performance Indicators for policy decision-making using data warehouse technology.

  • Risk Analysis and Fraud Detection
    Integration with the Intrasoft Compliance Solution (also known as ESKORT) is used to create behavioural Risk Profiles for Employers and Insured Members. The risk profiles with other heuristic and predictive model rules are used for risk-based audit selection, proposed claims review for fraud, and real-time transaction risk alerting.
  • Workflow - BPM
    All processes of the organisation (for Registration, Contributions, Pensions, Benefits, etc.) are graphically captured in the BPM engine of our product and are configurable by users.  The system generates a case for each business process governed by the BPM engine. The BPM engine interacts continuously with the application and orchestrates the system processes, so that each user is able to view the activities and cases that they are responsible for in their personal task list.
  • Business Rules Management
    Our Product includes an Embedded Business Rules Knowledge base and Rules engine, providing the organisation with the capability to configure a new Fund or a new Pension or Benefit product end-to-end, as well as to define and maintain their own business rules through the Application’s Business Rules Designer without changing the Software (configuring even the calculation formulas). This is a very advanced and essential feature, because Social Security is characterised by complex rules and legislation that changes continuously.