INTRASOFT PERSEUS® comprises an integrated set of highly configurable, best-for-purpose, social security applications developed specifically for Social Security Organisations and Pension Funds.

The functional architecture of INTRASOFT PERSEUS® is modular and scalable, enabling either big-bang Product deployment or phased adoption of any of the Product components.

  • INTRASOFT PERSEUS® core social security back office operations processing uses one of the industry’s most robust and flexible social security processing capabilities, able to support high volume and high availability processing needs. This specialised, highly configurable Social Security and Pensions Management solution framework offers flexible support for all core social security requirements, including components for the administration of Registries (Employers, Insured Members or any type of Organisations or Individuals), Revenue Collections (Contributions and Debts), Employment, Pensions, Benefits, Work Injury, Compliance (Inspections and Legal Cases), Customer Service, Appeals and Disputes.
  • Core back office operations are complemented by the fully integrated INTRASOFT PERSEUS® e-collaboration services, where the Self-Service portal provides an extensive range of Employers and Insured Members services. This includes processing of Employers and Insured Members Registration, filing of Contributions or declaration of Employment, Contributions or Employment Amendments, viewing account details and making Payments, making applications for clearance certificates, making applications for Pensions and Benefits and monitoring the progress of requests, and many more
  • The INTRASOFT PERSEUS® Risk and Compliance Solution (also known as ESKORT) provides complete, integrated coverage of the risk management, fraud detection and compliance domain, while the analytics component of our solution allows organisations to specify their strategic objectives and use Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for decision making policies.
  • Cutting Edge technology Enablers and Supporting functions are utilised for the non-functional aspects of the system, providing an advanced application setup (business rules and BPM workflow) which adjusts the behaviour of the application to the specific business needs and business rules.