The Social Protection Information Technology System (SPIS) consists of 3 main functional components, which together comprise an integrated system:

Social Protection Application System (SPAS)

SPAS is designed to provide integrated support of the value chain business processes of the National Social Security Insurance House. It includes :

  • Registration of Employers and Insured Persons
  • Collection of Contributions
  • Managing of Debts
  • Pensions Eligibility and Payments for Private Employees and Civil Servants
  • Benefits and various compensations Eligibility and Payments (Family and Children Indemnities, Death and Funeral Allowances, Disability Allowances, Social Allowances, Chernobyl and Veterans Allowances)
  • SPA Vouchers
  • Individual Complaints/Request Log
  • Reporting to the NSIH Central House and to the State Tax Service
  • Medical Disability Certification Boards
  • External Interfaces – Data Exchange Module

The system currently supports more than 1000 users.

Financial Management System (FMS)

FMS provides automation in the following areas:

General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Intangible and Fixed Assets (I&FA), Managing Inventory, Cash Flow and Monies Management and Reporting and Enquiry Tool. More than 100 users currently use the FMS system.

Management Information System (MIS)

The MIS is designed to support the Management of the Social Insured Budget process area, including preparation of regular and ad-hoc reports on Moldavian social insurance information. MIS will support the social insurance area analysis, its forecasting and modelling, as well as development of the social insurance policy, and analysis of the performance of the NSIH and its structural units. More than 100 users currently use the MIS system.


USD 6,000,000




04/2005 – 03/2007