EFKA is the largest Social Security Organisation of Greece, and one of the largest in Europe. EFKA offers a variety of services ranging from the provision of pensions, provision of various kinds of benefits, mandatory and voluntary insurance, etc.

The project was for the construction and implementation of an IT system to support all the business processes of the organisation and enhance the quality of delivered services to its members.

The project was one of the most complex IT projects carried out in Greece. It included the development of application software, the procurement, implementation and turn-key operation of the hardware, system software, and the application software, for approximately 350 Branches and Territorial Offices.

The functional architecture of the IIS-IKA is articulated based on functional groups that cover the entire business processes of the organisation.

The high-level functional groups are the following:

  • Registry of Insured persons – offers central and complete management of information related to persons registered in the organisation list for service eligibility.
  • Registry of Employers – offers central and complete management of information related to Employers and Construction Projects.
  • Insurance Contribution - controls and monitors the insurance contributions of the employers and the insured employees.
  • Voluntary and Buy-Out Insurance - controls and monitors the optional insurance and voluntary contributions of insured persons, as well as the purchasing of virtual or past service years.
  • Provision of Pensions - controls and monitors the award (eligibility and calculations), the alterations and the payments of pension funds and the monitoring of periodical provisions. System supports several different Funds (Private Fund, Public Fund, Auxiliary Pensions Fund, Insurance funds of organisations of social interest, Banks Employees’ Pension Fund, etc.)
  • Provision of Benefits - controls and monitors the one-time and periodic benefits for each qualified member and the grant and payment of non-periodical provisions (Work Accidents, Sickness Allowances, Funeral Grants, Maternity Allowances, etc.).
  • Health System – controls and monitors the financial claims of various external Health Service Providers with the organisation.
  • Financial Management System - controls and monitors financials (GL, AP, AR, Assets), Budgeting, Inventory and Human Resources data based on international standards.
  • MIS - Statistical Analysis & Decision Support

The IKA information system currently supports more than 8.000 users every day with more than 800.000 transactions per day.

The project was implemented in two phases with the initial installation of all applications in IKA branches within the Attica region followed by the roll-out throughout Greece. Netcompany-Intrasoft has a team of 100 experienced engineers that share expertise in application development, hardware tuning and network infrastructure.